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🤤😀😕 They say opposites attract, and this is especially true with Aquarius and Cancer. What is it about the Crab that attracts the Water Bearer of the zodiac? Though they don’t have much in common, there are certain Cancerian traits that an Aquarius just can’t resist. We’ve consulted expert astrologists to find out exactly why Aquarius is attracted to Cancer and how these two can improve their Aquarius-Cancer compatibility. Read on to see what makes these astrological opposites starry-eyed for each other.

This article is based on an interview with our psychic astrologer, Stina Garbis, owner of Psychic Stina. Check out the full interview here.

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What does Aquarius find attractive about Cancer?

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    Aquarius’s initial attraction is driven by curiosity about Cancer’s mind. Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, values independence, innovation, and technology. Cancer, ruled by the moon, is an emotional, nurturing homebody. Fortunately, Aquarius wants to know what makes Cancer tick—why are they emotional? Why do they like routine? Aquarius will examine Cancer’s ordinary day-to-day activities like they weren’t ordinary at all.[1]
    • This curiosity helps Aquarius and Cancer get to know each other well, possibly leading to stronger connections in other aspects of their relationship.
    • Aquarius and Cancer are 5 signs apart on the zodiac wheel, meaning they naturally don’t have much in common—it’s a cosmic case of "opposites attract."
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    Aquarius admires Cancer’s devotion to helping their loved ones. Both of these signs have the same desire to help people, but it’s directed in different ways. Aquarius prefers to be a philanthropist and help those in need no matter their relationship to the Water Bearer. Cancer focuses their caring energy on friends and family—there’s almost nothing a Cancer wouldn’t do to be there for someone they care about.[2]
    • Regardless of where this energy is directed, Aquarius will still feel an altruistic connection with Cancer.
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    Aquarius craves the acceptance Cancer can provide. Aquarians are a little odd to many people, so they need a partner that "gets" them enough to allow them to be who they are. Cancer, which is a naturally nurturing sign, will strive to make Aquarius feel comfortable and like they belong. They’ll need to reach a balance, though—if Cancer gives Aquarius too much attention, Aquarius may feel like their personal freedom is being infringed upon.
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    Aquarius enjoys learning how to open up emotionally from Cancer. As an air sign, Aquarius is often described as emotionally frozen. It’s an aloof sign that doesn’t need much affection to feel secure. Cancer, governed by the moon, is highly emotional and can show Aquarius how to be more intimate with someone and get in touch with their own feelings.[3]
    • Aquarius probably won’t understand the need for strong emotions at first, but they're not quick to dismiss true intimacy. They’ll eventually see the benefits of being (and having) an emotionally supportive partner.
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    Deep down, Aquarius finds comfort in the stability of Cancer. Aquarians are not likely to want to settle down early or often, but they can change their mind when they share a deep connection with Cancer. Cancer craves a steady, intimate relationship with a strong home base. If the Crab can give Aquarius enough space to explore their interests independently, then Aquarius may learn to accept (and even want) a stable long term relationship.[4]
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What does Cancer find attractive about Aquarius?

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    Cancer admires Aquarius’s sense of freedom. Despite their introverted, traditional nature, Cancer has a buried desire to adventure because Jupiter is exalted in their sign. The unconventional, travel loving, independent Aquarius is the perfect person to help Cancer let loose and explore. Both signs are avid learners, and if there’s any activity, destination, or idea they want to know more about, there’s nothing that can stop them pursuing it together.
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    Cancer likes learning how to socialize more with Aquarius. The naturally effervescent Aquarius will show Cancer how to be more open and make lots of friends more easily. Both signs largely keep to themselves, but Aquarius places a higher value on how they appear socially or in society. Though they may not venture out as a couple together often, Cancer admires Aquarius’s ability to connect with others.
    • One of the best things Cancer can do to win over Aquarius is to get into their circle of friends. Aquarius blends love and friendship, so if they’re friends with you, they’re interested in you.
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    Cancer finds Aquarius’s constant slew of new ideas fascinating. Aquarius is an innovator and a thinker who loves chatting about ideas, thoughts, and concepts more than tangible topics. Cancer will enjoy learning how their brain works and getting a fresh perspective on life philosophies and even day-to-day events. Cancer might struggle to see Aquarius’s point of view at first, but as these signs start talking up a storm, the Crab will learn to appreciate and trust the Water Bearer.
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Compatibility Tips

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    Traveling is a wonderful bonding activity for Aquarius and Cancer. The eternally curious Aquarius loves to travel the world, experience new things, and meet new people. In fact they often feel claustrophobic if they’re trapped at home too long.[5] Deep down, Cancer also has a desire to see the world, but only when they have a secure, comfortable home to return to. When they travel together, they’ll witness each other learn, explore, and grow and their attraction will deepen.
    • Aquarians prefer to go with the flow on vacation while Cancer prefers an itinerary. They’ll have to agree on what to do together beforehand to truly enjoy their travels.
  2. 2
    Aquarius and Cancer must appreciate how the other communicates love. Aquarius usually appears cold and distant since they keep their feelings to themselves for examination. Cancer, on the other hand, is openly emotional and needs to express (and receive) love frequently. To last, Aquarius needs to open up a bit and realize Cancer is not too clingy. Similarly, Cancer needs to respect Aquarius’s independence and not demand attention.[6]
    • Cancer gets moody when their expressions of love aren’t reciprocated. Aquarius should give them space and trust they’ll come around in a few days.
    • Prioritizing one-on-one time is a good way for these signs to engage each other and get reacquainted with the other’s thoughts and feelings.
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    In bed, Aquarius and Cancer need to exchange emotion and variety. Wild Aquarius likes to move fast and loves to experiment with new things. Cancer prefers a deep emotional connection and clings to routine sometimes. If Aquarius can slow down and Cancer learns to go with the flow, they’ll find the sweet spot—Cancer will bring new tenderness to Aquarius’s sex life, and Aquarius will make sure Cancer is never bored.
    • These signs are unlikely to have a great sex life right off the bat. However, with communication and compromise, they can learn to have fun together.
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    Ultimately, compromise is the key to a successful Aquarius-Cancer pair. Aquarius needs time and space for intellectual detachment and doesn't like to get too personal too fast. This means that overly protective Cancer needs to get comfortable with some distance between them and their Aquarian partner. On the other hand, aloof Aquarius needs to learn to open up so they can stay in tune with what the emotional Crab is feeling.
    • Aquarius especially can learn to let Cancer smother them a little and give the Crab opportunities to be close to them to strengthen their relationship.
    • Both signs value commitment and tend to be loyal. If they can learn to embrace each other’s differences, Aquarius and Cancer can make a great couple!
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