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Warm Leo and practical Virgo are great communicators, which is a good basis for a relationship. After all, they're neighbors on the zodiac! You're probably drawn to this Leo's charisma and outgoing nature, but you may be wondering how to catch his eye, especially since you're more reserved. Fortunately, you can attract him with your intellect and precision. You'll be rewarded with a balanced relationship that suits you both.

Method 3
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Reveal your vulnerable side.

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    Your Leo man will appreciate the chance to protect you. It makes him feel great knowing that he can look after you and support you, so go out of your way to ask for help or let your Leo know that you're struggling. He'll love being called to your rescue![1]
    • For instance, if you've got a flat tire, call him and tell him you don't know how to change it. He'll love the chance to swoop in and take care of you.
    • You can also show vulnerability with your emotions. Let him know when you're nervous, worried, or sad about something—maybe you're getting over a bad breakup. Your Leo guy would love to be a shoulder to cry on.

Method 4
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Let him sweep you off your feet.

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    Leos want to be the charming heroes of the zodiac. In a way, Virgo is the perfect sign to be rescued. You probably love his romantic gestures and feeling cared for. Let him know that you appreciate his sweet gestures like taking you out for a romantic dinner at a luxurious restaurant or even a simple thing like opening the door for you.
    • Your Leo doesn't expect romantic gestures in return—he wants your thanks and appreciation.

Method 5
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Have intelligent conversations.

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    Let your Leo see that you're smart and confident. Don't shy away from talking about challenging subjects. He'll be pleased that you can hold your own or force him to rethink his views. Virgos are known for their sharp intellect, so this shouldn't be a problem for you![2]

Method 6
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Flatter your Leo guy.

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    Compliment his great qualities so he feels appreciated. As a Virgo, you might find it hard to pay compliments, but praise is vital to a Leo. He knows that he's a catch and he wants you to be aware of that, too! Make a point of paying him genuine compliments, especially about his appearance.[3]
    • For instance, say, "I don't think you know good-looking you are," or, "I think you just distracted every woman in the room."
    • Be aware that Leos can sense dishonesty—false flattery will get you nowhere with him.

Method 7
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Have fun with him.

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    Leos have a wonderful playful side, so let your hair down. Unfortunately, Virgos are often seen as pragmatic taskmasters. This doesn't have to be true! Show him that you can be silly and lighthearted, too. He'll love being surprised by this side of you.
    • For example, surprise him by suggesting a karaoke night or going out to a stand-up show. Better yet, get in touch with your inner child and go to an amusement park together.

Method 8
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Spend time on your appearance.

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    Leos are drawn to beauty, so look fabulous. He'll want to show you off to his friends. After all, you're a catch and he's probably been boasting about you. Luxury and fashion are also important to Leos, so make an effort to really look your best. He'll notice![4]
    • Don't worry about being overdressed when you go out with a Leo. If anything, spend more time focusing on your grooming and accessories since he'll definitely notice.

Method 9
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Be trustworthy.

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    Your Leo man can be fiercely loyal if he trusts you. This means no flirting with other guys! Show him that he’s the only man for you and he’ll love you for it. Remember, he wants to feel like he's the complete center of your universe.[5]
    • Talk about the future together and prioritize your relationship, so he knows that you’re committed to him.

Method 10
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Give him space.

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    Your guy needs a little room to be himself. It's in his nature to be social and flirty, which can sometimes rub you the wrong way since you're more reserved. Instead of trying to tie him down, give him the freedom to spend time with friends. He'll appreciate that you trust him and aren't trying to change him.
    • Space in the relationship is especially important if you two need to cool down. It’s better to walk away for a bit than to say something you might regret.

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